• The world-building game Minecraft

    'That's crazy'

    The world-building game Minecraft was itself an "early release" game - sold as first an "alpha" and then "beta" branded title over the first years of its life success medical co ltd.


    It has gone on to become one of the best-selling and best-reviewed games of all time.



    Cliffhorse can be downloaded for Windows computers

    This is what, perhaps, convinced people to pay for Cliffhorse despite the fact it appears to be a spoof 經血過多 .


    Nonetheless, one UK games blogger was left dispirited by the reaction.


    "It's an obvious joke and from what I know of the Unity Engine, most of the assets from the game are already defaulted in-engine, and all Notch had to do was look through the asset store and download a free horse model," wrote Justin Ross on the Pixel Gate site.


    "Really no work whatsoever had to go into making this game, and there's even people spending money on this thing. That's crazy."


    Mr Persson's stunt was released on the eve of the video games industry event, E3.


    Although the Los Angeles expo tends to focus on console titles, there is also a PC-themed spin-off - the Nvidia Gaming Expo - organised by the computer chip-maker, which runs over the same period.

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